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UConn Football – Four Downs Segment – Vanderbilt Game

Four Topics on UConn Football….


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Redemption: Part 2 – Buffalo Game

So after another brutal loss, this time to Temple, the UConn Huskies look to bounce back and get a win this Saturday when they play Buffalo at The Rent. There has been quite a buzz around different players this week, as suspended players Cody Endres and Erik Kuraczea have returned to the team. Both are listed on the second team for the their respective positions. Quarterback Zach Frazer has also been in the cross-fire of rumors this week. After his third straight game of inconsistent play, many are wondering just how long he will remain the team’s starting quarterback. Add the return of Endres, and Frazer is definitely feeling some pressure. Hopefully that competition between teammates will translate to better performances on gameday.

Dwayne Difton, Kashiff Moore, Isiah Moore

In other news, Dwayne Difton, the highly touted sophomore receiver, has overtaken Isiah Moore as one of the starting receivers. Randy Edsall has said he has been impressed with Difton’s performance in practice. “I like his progress. I think it’s just one of those things where we feel that he’s got a chance to maybe give us a little bit more,” said Edsall. “Isaiah is still going to be playing but Dwayne is going to be the starter”

The receiving core really needs to step up and help out Zach Frazer, or whoever else might be playing quarterback, as the passing game has been the team’s offensive downfall so far this season.

Senior captain Scott Lutrus’ status is still uncertain for when he will return to field. He’s still being bothered by an “upper extremity” injury. Most likely a stinger.

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September 15th “Four Downs” – Four Topics on UConn Football

Jordan Todman continues to lead the Huskies

I sat down with Marco Ventimiglia and discussed four topics surrounding the UConn football team as they prepare to take on Temple this weekend.

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Beaten, But Not Out

UConn players hope to smile on Saturday, not frown like they did in Ann Arbor. Photo by JOHN WOIKE

UConn didn’t open its season the way they, and their fans would have hoped for. Losing 30-10 to Michigan this past Saturday, was a wake-up call for the Huskies. After receiving some pre-season “love” from the media for the first time ever, UConn choked in their first opportunity to justify the hype.

But for as bad as the Michigan game was, UConn is still in the position to accomplish its ultimate goal of winning the Big East. Denard Robinson made UConn’s defense look like a Junior Varsity team; D.J. Shoemate’s fumble near the endzone was very costly; and once again Rich Rodriguez made a Randy Edsall coached team look awful, but none of those things matter anymore. UConn is still in a great place to win the Big East and have a very successful year. The defense will improve, D.J. Shoemate will redeem himself, and Randy Edsall will have his team better prepared for the games to come.

The season continues this week, with Texas Southern coming to East Hartford, for the first home game of the year. UConn is the better team, and HAS to prove that on Saturday. The Huskies should have no problem beating Texas Southern by at least 30 points. Zach Frazer, Jordan Todman, and the rest of the offense better be ready to shine. The defense should be better as well, if not for the fact they are more talented, at least for the fact Denard Robinson isn’t the quarterback of the Tigers.

Kickoff is at Noon, which means fans should be in their seats by 11:58 a.m. Randy Edsall will be upset if you’re not there early….just watch this video to hear his case.


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