About Marcus…

Marcus LynamHey I’m Marcus Lynam and I am a Senior at the University of Connecticut. I am double majoring in Journalism and Communication with a focus on Sports Broadcasting and Media Relations. I am originally from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

I am involved with UCTV (UConn’s student television network). Through UCTV I work on the main Sportscenter type show, as well as on my own UConn football and basketball recap/preview show called Overtime. (Check it out at www.uctv.uconn.edu/Overtime) I also am the UConn sports reporter for UWIRE.com(palestra.net) in association with ESPNU Campus Connection.

This blog started as a project for my Online Journalism class, but has grown into a hobby, resume tool, and most importantly a reliable source for UConn football and basketball news.

Follow me on Twitter @lynamup5 for UConn Sports news and Blog updates.

ESPNU Campus Connection


2 responses to “About Marcus…

  1. Chris P.

    Awesome Blog man. You do a great job of covering all aspects of UConn Football. You really know your stuff. Good Luck in the future.

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